Monthly Archives: August 2016

Why art does not need rules?

Let me add to this that positive art does not need rules? I believe that if the emotion or image or idea evoked is positive then the artwork (from my experience) is needed and useful. Negative art, the type that defiles humans their actions and conversations is very adolescent, that is it may be highly […]

Who determines if something is a work of art?

Is the simple answer posterity?

How to make boring art?

If your motivations in making art are strictly monetary, you might make boring art. If your art is only for decoration in the most superficial sense then you might make boring art. On the other hand when you must make art because it is an addiction that must be fed, with the stimulation of playing […]

Do you have to be educated to appreciate modern art?

Unfortunately at this moment in time, I believe this to be true. Most buyers of art just want art on their walls for decoration. Meaning they don’t really care, who the artist is and why the artist does the work of art. Art from my experience is  only purchased by the rich and/or educated buyer. Digital […]

Is painting dead!

Viable form of expression. Is the act of putting pigment on a wall only an ancient ritual to record an activity? Tatoos are a form of body decoration, but is the ornamentation of the body merely a form of decoration unworthy of being called art? I don’t believe painting is dead; although it’s immediate form […]

Is Digital Art a legitimate form of art? And, do galleries want to deal with digital art?

According to my definition of art and many galleries, digital art is a legitimate form of art. Galleries find that patrons don’t see the art as original. This is where provenance is important. Provenance is a document that proves that the piece is original and a limited edition of less than 250 copies or less.