How to make boring art?

If your motivations in making art are strictly monetary, you might make boring art. If your art is only for decoration in the most superficial sense then you might make boring art. On the other hand when you must make art because it is an addiction that must be fed, with the stimulation of playing or experimenting with media in order to create an image that one has not seen before then boring images are usually dismissed if the artist is sincere. How do you know if the artist is sincere. Well a lot of artists use galleries to verify their existence. Art aficionado’s will pay a premium to purchase authenticated art even to the point where they will except boring art. The Gallery may only want to sell a new piece for your collection even though you find the image distasteful. Buying art from the artist or true representative of the artist is the best choice. The buyer of art must do their homework and verify that the artist and artwork is valid. It may be true that people spend more time researching the price and value of a pair of shoes than an expensive investment like a work of art. The rules of art buying must be the same as buying real estate.  Get a good realtor and research the price of similar pieces of property.

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